GAD Records to re-release gems from Supraphon’s vaults

7 September 2015
GAD meets Supraphon

Official press release:

GAD Records, Poland-based record label specialising in archive recordings and deluxe reissues of jazz, rock, funk and film music, announced the co-operation with Supraphon, Czech Republic’s leading record label. Under the terms of the deal GAD Records will re-release several dozen titles from Supraphon’s lavish catalogue.

The long-term co-operation will focus on issuing, during the course of the next few years, carefully selected albums from the catalogues of Supraphon and Panton (fully owned by the former). Each CD reissue will feature a selection of bonus tracks and collector’s booklets with unseen photographs and in-depth essays (in English, Polish and Czech). A number of projects will see limited LP editions as well.

The highly-worshipped “Polymelomodus” by Gustav Brom’s orchestra, originally released in 1977, is the first album to be brought to the light (CD due for release on 25 September). This will be followed by “Elegie”, signature album by Jazz Q, the legendary Czech fusion band. The two-disc definitive edition will see the original album accompanied by almost an hour of bonus tracks taken from singles, compilations, radio sessions and the band’s live performances. As already announced by GAD Records, the entire Jazz Q back catalogue from 1973 to 1984 will be released in this fashion. Other group-oriented projects include the recordings of SHQ, Studio 5 and esteemed Czechoslovak big bands (incl. Jazzový Orchestr Československého Rozhlasu and Milan Svoboda’s Prague Big Band). Several compilations rediscovering long-forgotten artists are also in the making.

Gustav Brom Orchestra - Polymelomodus

It is with great joy that we look forward to bringing out – with the help of Supraphon – all the great artists who remain close to the hearts of the Czech and Polish music lovers alike, says Michał Wilczyński, GAD Records Managing Director. Back in the days of the iron curtain music would integrate the two countries very strongly. Gustav Brom’s orchestra played gigs with the Polish vibraphonist Jerzy Milian, and the rock-oriented SBB would many a time share the stage with Blue Effect. No frontiers then, no frontiers now. Our goal is to revive the superb music of our neighbours and bring it back to the world in the best way possible.

Same as Michał we in Supraphon believe that Czech and Polish integration with these beautiful pieces of music wasn’t just question of the past days and iron curtain stigma, says Iva Milerová, Supraphon Managing Director. One of the most beautiful things about music is that connection and shared experience from listening – it can bring you together with others no matter where they are from…

About Supraphon
Most significant Czech record label with a distinguished history. Having successfully released a variety of genres throughout the decades, today, Supraphon is the biggest producer of locally recorded music in rock and pop, as well as classical music, with emphasis on Czech and Slovak composers. It is also a significant local producer of spoken word and audiobooks.

About GAD Records
Independent Polish record label specialising in the publication of archive recordings and deluxe reissues of jazz, rock, funk and film music. Considered by the media and music fans as one of the country’s key players in the field. Focused primarily on Polish music, GAD Records remain open to neighbouring countries and the former Eastern Block.