A captivating, phenomenal album combining jazz, rock, ethnic music and… percussion instruments. A whole lot of percussion instruments!

The American drummer Mark Nauseef, having collaborated with the greatest in the world of rock (Thin Lizzy, Ian Gillan, Gary Moore), made a surprising turn-around at the end of the 1970s: he settled in Hamburg and devoted himself to colliding together elements of jazz, rock, avant-garde and ethnic music. “Personal Note” is his solo debut album, presenting an amazing fusion formula, in which countless percussion instruments combine with virtuoso synthesizer, saxophone and guitar sections. The whole pulls the listener in with brilliant solos and dynamic themes like on the best Miles Davis albums. Along with the frontman, outstanding musicians took part in recording the album – including Joachim Kuhn, Trilok Gurtu, Jan Akkerman and George Kochebeck. The track “Chemistry” was sung by Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy!

The material has been remastered from the original master tapes from the archives of the CMP, and is appearing for the first time in Europe on CD. The booklet includes the reminiscences of Mark Nauseef and a history of the recording.

1. Chemistry
2. Talking Drum (for Ariel)
3. Doctor Marathon Part I
4. Doctor Marathon Part II
5. Corsica
6. Fillmore

Joachim Kühn – p, ep, synth, as
Trilok Gurtu – perc, voc
George Kochbeck – ep, clav, synth (1, 3-6)
Jan Akkermann – g (4, 6)
Detlev Beier – cb (3, 5)
Phil Lynott – voc (1)

CHI CD 003
OUT: 13.10.2017
FILE UNDER: Jazz / Fusion
BARCODE 5901549197792