Carnival is a time for fun and dancing. GAD Records is joining in the rhythmic insanity, offering two new releases – debut of the Czech project ORM (first time on CD) as well as previously unpublished material of the Katowice band Metrum, directed by Zbigniew Kalemba. Time for disco!

In Czechoslovakia the duet ORM played a similar role at the end of the 70’s as Arp Life had somewhat earlier in Poland. In the 80’s the musicians attained great popularity as a result of collaboration with the pop vocal duet Kamelie (also known as Hana a Dana), but it was a little earlier, in the years 1978-79, that they recorded one of the most interesting discothèque albums that appeared in Czechoslovakia. “Discofil”, filled to the brim with funk bass, lazy songs and cosmic voyages with analogue synthesizers in the main role, still captivates today. It is appearing for the first time on CD, enriched with four single recordings.

ORM - Discofil (CD)

Metrum was for twelve years the studio band of the Katowice branch of Polish Radio. The group, formed in 1965 by Zbigniew Kalemba, in its last years of existence was reactivated for individual recording sessions, of which the most interesting turned out to be the last three, recorded in 1977: in its new line-up (including Wojciech Gogolewski, Jan Cichy and Jarosław Śmietana), with a new sound and the idea that dance music doesn’t have to crude or primitive. “Zielony dach” (Green Roof) is documentation of this last chord of Metrum: fourteen danceable tracks with an excellent rhythm section, interesting solos and ubiquitous string section. A discothèque feast of the highest order.

Metrum - Zielony dach (CD)

Both releases have been remastered from the original tapes and supplemented with booklets containing unpublished photos and sketches on the subject of recordings. The première of both CDs is scheduled for 26 January 2018. Order now!