Jerzy Milian passed away last night. An outstanding jazzman, vibraphonist, composer, arranger, and above all – a great man. He will be much missed.

We’ve worked with Jerzy since 2012, producing numerous albums of his work – all featuring music that is diverse and captivating to the next generations of listeners. Whenever we met, Jerzy has always shown us unusual kindness and enthusiasm, seasoned with a powerful dose of his sense of humor. Last year we finally managed to publish his autobiography and organize a monographic exhibition focusing on his musical and artistic achievements (Chorzów Museum).

We are extremely happy that our paths crossed so often in recent years. It was a real honor for us.

Thanks for everything, Jurek. And goodnight.

Michał Wilczyński
and whole GAD Records team

Jerzy Milian (fot. Adrian Tabor)