When an outstanding pianist absorbed in free jazz meets a brilliant guitarist fascinated with blues-rock, the effect can be more than interesting. The collaboration of Martin Kratochvíl and Luboš Andršt did not last long, but both artists gained a lot from it. This was summed up by the album “Pozorovatelna” recorded in 1973, the first full, proper Jazz Q LP. Now it’s back in a remastered, definitive edition.

The music that we presented was like an earthquake – recalls Martin Kratochvíl. Jazz in the orthodox sense didn’t do so well, but the creativity combining jazz finesse with rock vitality captivated the crowds. Those jazz-rock earthquakes involved forty minutes of spicy fusion, full of interesting solos and intriguing riffs on the electric piano and guitars, as well as the powerful electric bass of Vladimir Padrůnek.

Jazz Q

Material known from the original LP – as in the case of the previous reissue of the album “Elegie” – is complemented by a bonus CD with additional recordings, the majority so far unreleased. Among them are the first studio recordings of this line-up, radio sessions (also recorded with Jazzový orchestr Československého rozhlasu), as well as a real sensation: live cuts made during Jazz Q’s appearance at the Pori Jazz Festival in Finland in 1972.

All of the recordings were remastered at Studio Budikov under the watchful eye of Martin Kratochvil. The booklet contains an extensive essay on the album, based on a new interview with the artist, numerous photos and press cuttings of the period. “Pozorovatelna” is the second album in a series of comprehensive, two-disc editions of the entire classic catalogue of Jazz Q from the 1970s and 80s.

Jazz Q - Pozorovatelna