Nobody expected that Alex Band after their funk, dancey debut would steer towards the thoroughbred, big-band jazz and record one of the most underrated album in this stylistics to appear in Poland. The spine-tingling, lyrical melodies combined with the dazzling Spanish mode of expression, and the echoes of funky rhythms from the debut “Zderzenie myśli” team up with the impassioned swing.

Unfortunately, the record appeared in November 1981 and got lost upon the imposition of martial law in Poland. Pity, because the second album by Alex Band contained six elaborate compositions, which demonstrated the full potential of the band led by Aleksander Maliszewski. The elaborate, gripping themes and coruscating solos ought to secure a permanent position of “The Eccentric” in the history of Polish music, since not so many good big-band records appeared in the Vistula country.

“The Eccentric” reappears after all these years as a CD, enriched by three unpublished compositions created during the same sessions. The album was remastered from original tapes by Andrzej Poniatowski, the sound engineer of the original recordings. The record was spiced up with an insert containing unique photographs by Tomasz Tomaszewski as well as an essay on this album.

1. Sam na Manhattanie
2. Świtaniec
3. Kropelka goryczy
4. Hiszpańskie łzy
5. Morskie słońce
6. Wet za wet

Bonus tracks:
7. Tańcząca Anaconda
8. Gra miłosna
9. Fikołek

GAD CD 015
OUT: 22.04.2014
FILE UNDER: Big-Band, Jazz