Vinyl record buffs all over the world keep searching for Alex Band’s records. Their compositions are eagerly sampled by hip-hop producers. A composition by Aleksander Maliszewski even found its way to GTA, a popular PC game. In Poland, however, Alex Band will be associated with the Sopot Song Festival and white jackets. The time has come to change this – along with the re-edition of galvanising, funky “Zderzenie myśli” of 1979.

Aleksander Maliszewski, the band leader, had established his presence earlier in the market as the member of Ergo Band with Grażyna Łobaszewska and one of the conductors of the Poznańska Entertainment Orchestra of Polish Radio and Television. Alex Band, set up in 1979, was the fulfilment of his dreams of a band of his own, small-sized yet highly potent. His debut record “Zderzenie myśli” is the proof of his fascination with the American sound in the style of Earth, Wind & Fire – eight captivating, high-energy compositions from the periphery of funk, jazz and soul.

The edition of “Zderzenie myśli” CD restores the original sound of the master tape obliterated by the unnamed Tonpress staff during the production of a vinyl record. The album, enriched by one extra session composition and material from the first single of the band, was remastered from original tapes by Andrzej Poniatowski, the then sound engineer of Alex Band. The record was spiced up with an insert containing unique photographs by Tomasz Tomaszewski from a session promoting the album as well as an essay by Papa Zura (Soul Service) on the compositions.

The album was effervescently backed up by Energo-Kontrol company.

1. Hello Herbie
2. Zderzenie myśli
3. Łzy miłości
4. Ajoka
5. Czarna bestia
6. Borel Fish
7. Serce jesieni
8. W kluczu basowym

Bonus tracks:
9. Zbiegowisko
10. Moje Igloo
11. Bayou Bottom

Alex Band,
dyr. Aleksander Maliszewski

GAD CD 014
OUT: 22.04.2014
FILE UNDER: Funk / Soul, Grooves, Jazz