One of the all-time most popular Polish films. Everybody will remember the adventures of Staś and Nel, the abductions, getaways, playing with the elephant and… the music. Are you ready to go over to the Dark Continent with Andrzej Korzyński and his compositions from „In Desert and Wilderness” movie?

Everything has already been written about Władysław Ślesicki’s film. Amazingly successful adaptation of the prose by Henryk Sienkiewicz remained for many years one of the largest and most courageous Polish film productions ever. The press would for several year feed the interest in the film, which translated into over thirty million viewers! There also appeared a EP with only two compositions from the original soundtrack, written by Andrzej Korzyński – versatile, well known composer (leghty filmography incl. titles by Andrzej Wajda, like “Man from Marble” and “Man from Iron” and many Andrzej Żuławski’s movies, incl. “Possession”). Now have a complete set – together with all variations on lead themes, Arabic motifs full of percussions and a whole range of charming, colourful compositions with an bold string section. Classic score in its proper form. At last.

The whole material has been remastered from master tapes. The record includes a complete set of compositions by Andrzej Korzyński used in both parts of the cinema version of the movie. Plus booklet with stills from the movie and an elaborate essay from which you will learn about the history of this film, including lost US deal.

1. Czołówka
2. Wolność zwierząt
3. W pustyni i w puszczy #1
4. Fatima
5. W drogę #1
6. Skorpion
7. W drogę #2
8. W pustyni i w puszczy #2
9. Porwanie
10. Poszukiwania
11. Obóz porywaczy
12. W pustyni i w puszczy #3
13. Karawana #1
14. Oaza / Hamis
15. Karawana #2
16. Miasto
17. Medytacje
18. Ucieczka / Ogień
19. W pustyni i w puszczy #4

20. Smain
21. W punkcie wyjścia
22. Pożar
23. W pustyni i w puszczy #5
24. W drogę #3 / Wędrówka
25. Stasiu, słoń!
26. Nowy obóz
27. Szczęście i zaduma
28. Chora Nel
29. W drogę #4
30. Staś odjeżdża
31. W drogę #5 / Lekarstwo
32. Linde
33. Zabawa ze słoniem
34. Odejście
35. W pustyni i w puszczy #6
36. Wioska
37. Niewolnicy
38. Bitwa
39. Susza
40. W pustyni i w puszczy #7

Polish Radio Orchestra
cond. Andrzej Korzyński

GAD CD 028
OUT: 11.05.2015
FILE UNDER: Soundtrack