A studio project of unstable lineup, exploring the possibilities of the first synthesisers available in Poland, recording perfect library music spiced up with disco and funk? Arp Life to this day remains one of the most fascinating bands in the history of Polish music.

The band’s recordings were to be found in films (e.g. “The Man of Marble” by Wajda), on demo cassettes for Unitra ZRK tape recorders and in… hotel elevators. These are still light, danceable compositions, brilliantly arranged with the use of numerous keyboards, string sections and the timeless Alibabki choir. The specific sound of Arp Life, made known by “Jumbo Jet” album, to this day conquers the disco dance floors all over the world. Not many remember that the band actually existed long enough to see its second album: “Z bezpieczną szybkością”, released only in the form of a cassette. After nearly four decades we remind that album together with the legendary debut and a few extras on one CD – 25 tracks altogether. Absolute stunner.

The whole material has been remastered (for the first time ever) from original master tapes. For the fans of library music, disco, funk and electronic, there awaits the complete material from LP “Jumbo Jet”, MC “Z bezpieczną szybkością”, three single tracks and previously unreleased signature tune of Tonpress record company. Plus thick booklet with the complete history of the band, featuring new interviews with Andrzej Korzyński and Maciej Śniegocki and some rare photos.

Second album of band, „Z bezpieczną szybkością”, is also available on vinyl.

1. Jumbo Jet
2. Adolfino Tango
3. Apolobamba
4. Besame Mucho
5. Baby Bump
6. Tango Milonga
7. Olo Boogie
8. Hotel Victoria
9. Jalousie
10. Motor Rock
11. Bu-Bu

Bonus tracks:
12. Bam Bam Bam
13. Papagayo
14. Lollypop
15. Marmurarz
16. Akwarele
17. Słoń i mrówka
18. Klik Klak
19. Krąży, krąży złoty pieniądz
20. San Jose
21. Tango Mundial
22. Bump
23. Bilbao
24. Adelajda
25. Tonpress

Andrzej Korzyński – dyr.
Maciej Śniegocki – dyr.
Mateusz Święcicki – keyb, synth, dyr.
Jan Jarczyk – keyb, synth
Sławomir Kulpowicz – keyb, synth
Paweł Perliński – keyb, synth
Janusz Pliwko – keyb, synth
Marian Siejka – keyb, synth
Ryszard Siwy – keyb, synth
Winicjusz Chróst – g
Jan Drozdowski – g
Marek Bliziński – g
Aleksander Machnacz – bg
Józef Sikorski – bg
Józef Gawrych – perc
Wojciech Kowalewski – perc
Bogdan Kulik – dr

Ryszard Tuszewski – fl
Wacław Lesicki – fl
Henryk Miśkiewicz – as
Zygmunt Zgraja – hca
Krzysztof Wojciechowski – ob
Zbigniew Jaremko – as

Alibabki: Wanda Borkowska, Anna Dębicka, Ewa Dębicka, Agata Dowhań, Krystyna Grochowska, Sylwia Krajewska

GAD CD 020
OUT: 17.11.2014
FILE UNDER: Disco, Easy Listening, Electronic, Funk / Soul, Grooves, Library, Soundtrack