The flute can achieve a lot, and with the help of double bass – everything. From subtle pastoral notes through sensual passages inspired by the music of the Spanish Gypsies to the crazy Afro-Cuban frolics and hot swinging phrases. Provided that both instruments are played by real masters: Krzysztof Zgraja and Jacek Bednarek.

Bednarek and Zgraja cooperated in the late 70s and early 80s of the last century, setting the listeners across Europe in amazement. In their repertoire one could find compositions inspired by flamenco, African music, but also jazz standards, adaptations of Polish folk themes and various impressions for flute (or – thanks to the study technique – the whole orchestra of flutes) and effusive echoes. All this was united by a unique sound of the duo, surprisingly rich and inspiring, despite their modest instruments.

Apart from the entire content of the album “Walking Colour” (originally published in 1983), the record also includes seven additional songs, performed in the studio of the Polish Radio Katowice in 1979-82. A full, remastered material gives the most complete idea of the studio face of the duo. In the booklet accompanying the record one can read the story of this unusual project and see numerous photos from the archives of Mirosław R. Makowski and Mirosław Rakowski.

1. Walking Colour
2. La Concha
3. Afrosfera
4. Folk Music Nr 5: Kurpie
5. Luz Blues
6. Flute Reflections
7. Pieśń starego Dżeka

Bonus tracks:
8. Fly Me To The Moon
9. Ballada z filmu „Kung Fu”
10. Akcenty afrokubańskie
11. Z lotu ptaka
12. Folk Music Nr 2
13. W oczekiwaniu na…
14. Now’s the Time

Krzysztof Zgraja – fl, rec, g, p
Jacek Bednarek – db

GAD CD 047
OUT: 30.09.2016