An unusual and noticeable record. Published in 1977, “Polymelomodus” is one of the greatest achievements of Gustav Brom orchestra. It is an album appreciated by listeners around the world, who have been paying for over a dozen years for original vinyl editions ever greater sums of money. Now, at last, it appears on a CD.

“Polymelomodus” shows a clash of the drive to experiments and to overstep the boundaries of jazz with a portion of juicy, billowing themes in funky colours. The big-band with an excellent timing does sound here like one painstakingly tuned instrument. The unison-played themes of “Bounty” or “Festival” overwhelm with their power, and solo parts still surprise after the years with their freshness. Original compositions of the band members are supplemented by the cover “Do It Again” from Steely Dan’s repertoire.

This is the first publication from the series of records prepared in cooperation with the Czech legendary record label Supraphon. A remastered album has been enriched by one additional recording from the session (an alternative version of “Do It Again”), the whole is made complete by a voluminous booklet in three languages (Czech, Polish, English), offering a few unique photographs. Vinyl edition will be available in the first quarter of 2016.

1. Polymelomodus
2. Festival
3. Bounty
4. Romance nad Mží
5. Sedimentace
6. Udĕlej to ještĕ jednou (Do It Again)

Bonus tracks:
7. Kočičí vrch aka Udĕlej to ještĕ jednou (Do It Again)

Gustav Brom Se Svým Orchestrem:
Jaromír Hnilička, Jindřich Šmek, Václav Holub – tp, melofon
Gustav Brom Ml., Jan Formánek, Mojmír Bártek – tb
František Navrátil – as, ss
Zdeněk Novák – ts, fl
Miloslav Petr – ts
Josef Audes – bs
Igor Vavrda – g, ep (Fender Rhodes)
Milan Vidlák – ep (Fender Rhodes), synth (Moog), p
Jan Hubáček – bg
Václav Skála – perc
Vítězslav Vavrda – dr

GAD CD 032
OUT: 25.09.2015
FILE UNDER: Big-Band, Funk / Soul, Grooves, Jazz