Jazz? For two pianos? It’s not an easy trip, journey into land of quiet passages and nice melodies. This is real, bloody fight! Frenetic, unique jazz made by teacher (Jan Jarczyk) and his pupil (John Stetch). You never heard someting like that before!

While planning a series of concerts for the year 2007 as a part of a celebration of my 60th birthday I asked John Stetch if he would like to play a two pianos concert and he enthusiastically responded to it. We agreed over the phone on the details how to approach it and rehearsed a bit when he got to Montreal, left a lot of things open… and during rehearsal we discovered – after 20 years of not playing in the same room – that our concept of understanding piano music – jazz and in general – is quite similar. John origins are of Ukraine form Edmonton (John Stechyshyn), mine polish from Krakow, meeting in Canada in Montreal..One could say – Long Live Slavic Soul! And that’s how in many respects this CD sounds like – while playing jazz. (from liner notes by Jan Jarczyk)

1. Fragments
2. Body & Soul
3. There is always time…
4. The Introduction Tune / Chord-Free-Gord
5. So Far – So Close
6. After Jan
7. I Hear a Rhapsody

Jan Jarczyk – fortepian
John Stetch – fortepian

GAD CD 002
OUT: 10.09.2011
FILE UNDER: Jazz / Piano