An outstanding and timeless album. One of the most important records in the history of the Czech rock and jazz, with surprising twists and incredibly diverse sounds, released in a refreshed and (much) enlarged form.

“Elegie” is the first proper fusion album by Jazz Q. Martin Kratochvil, who a moment later commenced studies in Berklee, prepared eight tracks which are a phenomenal, original synthesis of the best practices of the American jazz-rock read with a Slavic temperament. From Mahavishnu-oriented guitar harmonies and hot rhythms straight from the Return to Forever records one can see the emergence of a coherent, captivating entirety shimmering with all colors of the rainbow – the variety of arrangements surprises with the use of synthesizers, violins, trumpets and… beer bottles! The material known from the original LP (never before available on a separate CD) is accompanied by a second CD with additional recordings from the period during which the album was being created. Apart from the studio and live recordings from “Jazzrocková Dílna” compilations, one can find here an unreleased session with a radio jazz orchestra (Jazzový orchestr Československého rozhlas) and an amazing soundtrack from the movie “Hřiště”.

All remastering was done in the Budíkov Studio and supervised by Martin Kratochvil. The booklet also contains an extensive essay about the record based on a new interview with the artist, numerous photographs and press cuttings from the period. “Elegie” is the first album in a series of comprehensive, two-record editions of the entire back-catalog of classic Jazz Q releases from the 70s and 80s.

CD 1:

1. Slunovrat
2. Naděje
3. Citadela
4. Tanec
5. Létavice
6. Toledo
7. Žravá Dáma
8. Věštba

CD 2:

LP „Jazzrocková Dílna”, live 1975:
1. Živí Se Diví
2. Tůň

LP „Jazzrocková Dílna 2”, studio 1976:
3. Horký vítr
4. Druhý dech
5. Na Shledanou, Joan

Jazz Q + Jazzový orchestr Československého rozhlasu, radio 1976:
6. Žravá Dáma
7. Kdo z koho

Hřiště (soundtrack, 1975):
8. Znělka
9. Mladý pan inženýr
10. Rozpaky
11. Nelehký úkol
12. Živí se diví
13. Noční plagiát
14. Tůň
15. Na cestě
16. Stavba
17. Nová dálnice
18. Jiskry
19. Vyznání
20. Nečekaný příjezd
21. Rozhovor s otcem

Martin Kratochvíl – ep, synth, org, p, guiro
František Francl – g, voc, acg, triangle, beer bottle
Přemysl Faukner – bg
Libor Laun – dr

Jiří Tomek – cga
Jan Hrubý – viol
Jiří Cerha – voc
Ladislav Kantor – voc
Michal Gera – tp, maracas
Ondřej Konrád – hca
Lenka Filipová – voc, acg
Tomáš Procházka – perc, claves
Michal Vrbovec – cowbell
František Lhotka – clo
Zdeněk Prouza – clo
Jan Martinec – viol
Alex Cihar – bg
Mirka Křivánková – voc
Petr Kalandra – hca

GAD CD 045
OUT: 16.09.2016
FILE UNDER: Jazz, Rock