On 10 April 2015 Jerzy Milian will be 80 years old. We are celebrating this anniversary birthday together with the Master and offer a look back at the half-century-long creativity period. From „Memory of Bach” to… „Memory of Bach”.

This exceptional, jubilee record includes the most important compositions from the works by Jerzy Milian, although not always in their most obvious versions. There are traces of long cooperations with Gunter Gollasch orchestra and the Belgium big-band of BRT Radio, not to mention the Orkiestra Rozrywkowa Polskiego Radia i Telewizji w Katowicach. There is also a place for lyrical ballads (including original version of the theme from „Tempus Jazz 67” ballet) and a few fiery virtuoso performances on the vibraphone. We invite you to celebrate Jerzy Milian’s 80th birthday together with us!

The record includes mostly unpublished compositions – a few of them had their debut earlier in the „Jerzy Milian Tapes” series, a few of them will appear nowhere else apart from this record. An album issued in conjunction with special live reunion of Katowice’s Orkiestra (9 April 2015 in Katowice).

1. Memory of Bach (1956)
2. I’ll Remember Olga
3. Blues for Praha
4. Akacjowa dziewczyna
5. Ballet for Saxes (part III)
6. Szczupły slim
7. Tempus Jazz 67: Ballada
8. Du Bist Der Zweite
9. My Favourite Band
10. Sketches from China: Sunny Children
11. Melodie fur die Einsamkeit
12. Jolly Joker
13. Pieces for Friend (part I)
14. Memory of Bach (2004)

Jerzy Milian – vib, marimba, dyr.

Sekstet Komedy (1)
Orkiestra Rozrywkowa PRiTV w Katowicach (2, 12)
Sekcja rytmiczna Orkiestry Gustava Broma (3)
Orkiestra Guntera Gollascha (4, 5, 8, 11)
Zespół Jerzego Miliana (6)
Orkiestra Opery Poznańskiej (7)
BRT Jazzorkest (9, 10, 13)
Jerzy Milian Quintet (14)

GAD CD 026
OUT: 10.04.2015
FILE UNDER: Big-Band, Easy Listening, Grooves, Jazz