This sixth part of the archival recordings of Jerzy Milian takes us back to the early ‘70s and documents the jazz adventures of a vibraphonist in small European combos. Oriental and avant-garde elements as well as drama connected to his then-wife’s presence on the concert tour!

In 1971 Jerzy Milian recorded the “Neuroimpressions” suite with musicians of the German Studio IV Group (who were simultaneously members of the Gunter Gollasch orchestra). The three-part composition gives musical expression to the suffering of the artist who took his wife along on the concert tour… Two years later a second, completely different version of the suite was composed and recorded with local musicians (the excellent, electric quartet of Rudolf Tomsits). The two versions are so different from each other that we contrast them on one disc, enriched with a unique session of Milian’s German quartet in 1970. This is intriguing, modern jazz, not afraid of free or oriental elements – full of daring solos on the vibraphone, saxophone, but also the trumpet and … a toy guitar.

The entire recording was remastered from tapes of the artist’s archives and enriched with a booklet on the history of the recording’s production and an account of Jerzy Milian’s time in Hungary. Also included are some little-known photographs.

Neuroimpressions (Hungarian):
1. Orientally
2. Plasma
3. Neurasthenia

Neuroimpressions (German):
4. Orientally
5. Plasmoidally
6. Neurosis

7. Program
8. Ballade
9. Polly’s Song

Jerzy Milian – vib, toy guitar & Rudolf Tomsits Quartet (1-3):
Rudolf Tomsits – tp
György Vukán – p
Balázs Berkes – b
Vilmos Jávori – dr

Jerzy Milian Quintet (4-6):
Ernst Ludwig Petrovsky – ss, fl
Heinz Becker – tp
Jerzy Milian – vib, children guitar
Klaus Koch – b
Willibald Winkler – dr

Jerzy Milian Quartet (7-9):
Ernst Ludwig Petrovsky – ss, fl
Jerzy Milian – vib
Klaus Koch – b
Willibald Winkler – dr

GAD CD 050
Jerzy Milian Tapes 06
OUT: 25.11.2016