In the late ‘60s Jerzy Milian began cooperating with one of the most distinguished choreographer in Poland – Conrad Drzewiecki. Together they tried to merge modern dance with modern music. The effect was stunning.

The fifth part of very well received Jerzy Milian Tapes series is a journey into the world of the most fanciful and colourful compositions in the composer’s career. It is jazz energy, swinging solo parts and big-band power on one hand, and on the other – a brave departure from the routines and adaptation of forms in least expected directions. The compositions on this record include one of the most important compositions in the whole artistic output of Jerzy Milian, “Tema Con Variazioni” (for the first time in its full, nearly half-an-hour version!) and the pioneer “Tempus Jazz 67”, jazz ballet played by the musicians, who… had never had anything in common with jazz.

Album has been remastered from the available original tapes (in the case of “Tempus Jazz 67” the quality of the only preserved tape does not quite meet the present-day standards) and is supplemented by a booklet telling the story of Jerzy Milian’s adventure with ballet. Like in the four previous parts of the series – there had to be place for less known photographs.

1. Rivalen
2. Ballet for Saxes
3. Tema Con Variazioni
4. Tempus Jazz 67

Rundfunk-Tanzorchester Berlin, dyr. Günter Gollasch (1-3)
Orkiestra Opery Poznańskiej, dyr. Mieczysław Dondajewski (4)

GAD CD 037
Jerzy Milian Tapes 05
OUT: 5.02.2016