One of the most important albums in the history of Polish jazz. The trio under the leadership of eminent vibraphonist does cross stylistic, acoustic and formal boundaries. Bach-like cadences combine with hot swing, while orient-inspired improvisations with serialism. Classics!

The trio, set up in 1966 by Jerzy Milian, carried on for four years giving their performances mainly in clubs and in subsequent editions of Jazz Jamboree. The crowning of the joint activity of Milian, Jacek Bednarek (double bass) and Grzegorz Gierłowski (drums) was the recording of an album which was at the same time a debut LP of the leader. Recorded in June 1969 „Bazaar” is a short album, scintillating with ideas and displaying all colours of the rainbow. The warm sound of the vibraphone is in contrast with the vivid, sharp marimba, and the treated with courage double bass clashes with the eastern, ethnic gidjak. Much colour is added to the music by the guest artists invited to join the recording: members of Novi Singers – the flute playing Janusz Mych and the singing (and sighing) Ewa Wanat.

„Bazaar” appears on a LP for the first time since original release, with new mastering prepared from original, analogue tapes.

1. Memory of Bach
2. My Favourite Band
3. Rewelacyjny Luciano
4. Szkice ludowe
5. Tempus Jazz 67
6. Bazar w Aszchabadzie
7. Serial Rag
8. Valse ex Cathedra

Jerzy Milian – wibrafon, marimba
Jacek Bednarek – kontrabas, gidjak
Grzegorz Gierłowski – perkusja

Ewa Wanat – voc
Janusz Mych – fl

GAD LP 003
OUT: 09.2014