The trio of unmatched sound, without the harmonic base of the piano searched for inspiration in the Orient and free jazz while at the same time not forgetting about the jazz roots. They surprised and intrigued the audiences and did bore fame reviewer Lucjan Kydryński. “Semiramida” has collected all concert recordings of the legendary lineup.

Jerzy Milian, after the success at the International Jazz Festival in Czech Prague (documented in 2013 with the “Blues for Praha” album), decided to lead his own ensemble with which he regularly performed in Poland. The studio achievements of the trio with Jacek Bednarek and Grzegorz Gierłowski are known to almost all Polish jazz fans (LP „Bazaar”). “Semiramida” presents the other face of the trio, which during Jazz Jamboree festivals performed compositions known from studio performances and provoking to reflect on flirting with the Orient and free in one, as well as on the swinging themes of Miles Davis or Bobby Hutcherson.

“Semiramida” contains a complete set of concert recordings of Jerzy Milian Trio, remastered from the original tapes from the archives of the Polish Radio (nearly 80 minutes of music!). The record, which appears as the fourth part in the series “Jerzy Milian Tapes” is supplemented by a comprehensive booklet with the artist’s reminiscences and unpublished photographs.

Radio recording of Jazz Jamboree 1967 festival was plagued by technical issues – some of them were impossible to eliminate from this release.

1. Serpent’s Tooth
2. Out of the Past
3. Valse ex Cathedra
4. Monument
5. Ballada
6. Semiramida
7. Rewelacyjny Luciano
8. Summer Nights
9. Bazar w Aszchabadzie
10. My Favourite Band
11. (Ostatni) Program

Jerzy Milian – vib, marimba
Jacek Bednarek – cb, gidjak (1-9)
Grzegorz Gierłowski – dr

Jacek Ostaszewski – cb (10-11)
Marian Siejka – viol (10-11)

GAD CD 024
Jerzy Milian Tapes 04
OUT: 16.02.2015