“Maya the Bee” is an international craziness – Czech composer, Japanese film, German narrative prototype. And, despite all appearances, it is not merely the marvellous title song performed by Zbigniew Wodecki.

The film music by Karel Svoboda is a perfect example of how to write themes friendly to the younger viewer, yet far from being trivial. One will find here both lyrical moments dominated by the piano and the delectable string section as well as the lively, spirited themes exposing Moog synthesizer. It is a colourful and coherent whole shrouded in nostalgic mist – once audible merely in the background, concealed beneath dialogues and sound effects, now coming back in its full splendour. The record also includes all compositions from the polish EP issued in 1981m, incl. the title composition performed by Wodecki, appearing for the first time ever in its original film version on a CD.

A remastered selection of recordings most of which now have their first ever appearance in Poland, supplemented by a voluminous booklet tracing the story of film adaptations of “Maya the Bee” and their musical illustrations. The album, issued in a film series by GAD Records, is limited to 500 copies.

1. Pszczółka Maja / Biene Maja (śpiewa Zbigniew Wodecki)
2. Marsz żuków / Der Marsch Der Käfer
3. Leć Maju! / Flieg Maja
4. Świeży jak poranek / Frisch Wie Der Morgen
5. Kwiecista łąka / Die Blumenwiese
6. Gwieździsta noc / Eine Klare Sternennacht
7. Życie jest piękne / Das Leben Ist Schön
8. Piękne marzenie / Träume Schön
9. Piosenka Gucia / Die Sonnenuhr (śpiewa Jan Kociniak)
10. Targ moskitów / Der Mückenbazar
11. Wspomnienia / Erinnerungen
12. Nornica / Die Wühlmaus
13. Zamglenia / Nebelschwaden
14. Wariacja na temat Mai / Die Maja Variation
15. Nie martw się / Nicht Traurig Sein
16. Poświata / Abendrot
17. Marsz mrówek / La La Marsch
18. Rzeki ze złota / Flüsse Aus Gold
19. Piosenka Konika Polnego / Das Grillenlied (śpiewa Zbigniew Wodecki)
20. Smutna przeszłość / Traurige Vergangenheit
21. Cyrk insektów / Der Insektenzirkus
22. Smutne momenty / Traurige Momente
23. Poranna rosa / Morgentau
24. Pszczółka Maja / Biene Maja (ver. II)

Zbigniew Wodecki – voc (1, 19)
Jan Kociniak – voc (9)
Orkiestra pod dyr. Karela Svobody

GAD CD 044
OUT: 12.08.2016
FILE UNDER: Easy Listening, Soundtrack