In 1972 Marek Ałaszewski reactivated the Klan. In a completely new lineup, with premiere material from the border area between free-jazz and rock. For only one concert in Finland. Recorded, luckily, by the radio over there.

When in 1972 the Klan was invited to come to Finland to be a part of Helsinki Festival, the band had actually been non-existent for a year. They broke up due to the lack of prospects, money and the incessant bans on… travels to concerts abroad. Still, Marek Ałaszewski wanted to carry on and went to Finland with a completely new band. He invited guitarist Tomasz Jaśkiewicz, who, a short while earlier, had ended his cooperation with Czesław Niemen, as well as the rhythm section of the famous Tomasz Stańko Quintet – Bronisław Suchanek and Janusz Stefański. The musicians prepared a completely new programme, in which free-jazz fascinations of the drummer and bassist fused with the rock pugnacity of the guitarists. Consequently, there came into being cold, Scandinavian psychedelia full of free improvisations, interesting instrumental dialogues and intriguing guitar passages. They played together (unfortunately) only once.

A complete recording of concert made in August 1972 was preserved by the Finnish radio. The remastered material appears for the first time ever on a CD, complemented with a extensive booklet with plentiful reminiscences of the musicians on that picturesque trip.

1. Last Glimpses of Memory
2. Woman
3. Good News
4. Lonely in the Rain
5. I’m Gonna

Marek Ałaszewski – voc, g
Tomasz Jaśkiewicz – g
Bronisław Suchanek – b
Janusz Stefański – dr

GAD CD 039
OUT: 26.02.2016