The did not sing about love – they would play for hours in the Warsaw “Medyk” and they broke up (prematurely) due to the lack of prospects and money. Klan was one of the first bands to try and break away successfully from the beat, complaisant convention. In “Nerwy miast” (City nerves) we uncover the secrets of their radio sessions… and not only those.

In the 60s and 70s the Polish phonographic business was a phenomenon operating according to strange principles. From recording a record to its publishing there would pass such a long time that while awaiting its premiere the bands would cease to exist, change their lineup or stylistics. At that time some help would come from the radio which was willing to record the jazz and rock artists for the purposes of its own archives occasionally presented them on air. “Nerwy miast” is just the summary of those visits in radio studios – from the first, completely forgotten version of the hit “Z brzytwą na poziomki” through the unique, found after years “Trzeba było mnie nie budzić”, to the distinct, early version of fragments from the performance “Mrowisko”. The record track list also contains a fragment of “Mrowisko”, which could not be placed on the original record for lack of space as well as three demo recordings – including those inspired by Blood, Sweat & Tears “Winter” and… a cover of “Spinning Wheel” of that band!

The material, remastered from the original tapes by the band’s drummer Andrzej Poniatowski, is supplemented by a voluminous booklet comprising – apart from an essay on the compositions – numerous memorabilia from the musicians’ private archives (e.g. letters from fans dating back over four decades) and the photographs by the Klan’s approved sole photographer Henryk Kotowski.

1. Z brzytwą na poziomki
2. Ani ty
3. Chcę być ptakiem (rock and rollem)
4. Rajd Safari
5. Woda i ogień
6. Nie sadźcie rajskich jabłoni
7. Trzeba było mnie nie budzić
8. Kuszenie
9. Pociągi
10. Mrowisko
11. Na przekór
12. Nasze myśli
13. Nerwy miast
14. Senne wędrówki
15. Dwunastawka
16. Watermelon Man
17. Spinning Wheel
18. Winter

Marek Ałaszewski – voc, g, fl
Maciej Głuszkiewicz – pno, org
Roman Pawelski – bg
Andrzej Poniatowski – dr

GAD CD 016
OUT: 23.06.2014