Polish library music from early 70s!

Klan, one of Poland’s first truly genuine rock bands, became a legend almost instantly. They did not stoop to sing about love, however. Instead, they experimented with musical form, and were pioneers in using stroboscopic lights and artificial fog during gigs. The Warsaw-based group recorded their first SP in 1970. A year later the album “Mrowisko” surfaced, featuring music from the ballet show of the same title. Sadly, Klan were too subversive a group to be accepted by the authorities and thus be given opportunities for further development. By August 1971 the band was no longer. In February 1971 Klan were at the apex of their creative efforts. It was at that time that they recorded a dozen or so tracks intended as soundtrack to the Polish Film Chronicle, a newsreel shown in Polish cinemas. The band combined elements of jazz, rock, and the psychedelic with great ease. The recordings have survived in excellent quality. They have been transferred from original tapes and meticulously remastered by Andrzej Poniatowski, Klan’s original drummer and a superb sound engineer in his own right. The booklet comes replete with fantastic, hirtherto unpublished photos, and a lavish essay on the band’s history, explaining the behind-the-scenes of this truly unique session.

1. Automaty
2. Taniec głodnego
3. Z brzytwą na poziomki
4. Sen
5. [Rajd] Safari
6. Epidemia euforii
7. Trzeba było mnie nie budzić
8. Szkoła
9. Nie stało się nic
10. Pociągi
11. Senne wędrówki
12. Gdzie jest człowiek
13. Kuszenie

Marek Ałaszewski – g, fl, kazoo
Maciej Głuszkiewicz – pno, org
Roman Pawelski – bg
Andrzej Poniatowski – dr

GAD CD 003
OUT: 24.09.2011
FILE UNDER: Rock / Psych / Library Music