A legend of jazz and film music in its best form. The colourful soundtrack from Henning Carlsen’s erotic comedy for the first time in complete form on CD.

The crazy, avantgarde comedy remaining in the spirit of the New Wave is today a cult film. The amorous adventures of the particular characters are accompanied by the expressive, highly varied music of Krzysztof Komeda. Though the leading motif of the film is the lyrical, subtle piano melody accompanied by a strings section, most themes here draw heavily from concepts combining jazz and Latino music – cascading percussion instruments, swinging flutes and groovy vocals create an atmosphere that is not found in any other of Komeda’s film music.

“People Meet and Sweet Music Fills the Heart” is now appearing on CD in its entirety for the first time. The material has been remastered from the original tapes and contains also alternative takes not used in the film. The booklet includes a short essay on the subject of the music and photos. The cover is based on a rare, Italian cinema poster of the film.

1. Czołówka / Main Titles
2. Papieros / Cigarette
3. Balet rąk / Hand’s ballet
4. Rio
5. Pałac Copacabana / Copacabana Palace
6. Cóż, ja nigdy… / Well, I Never…
7. Diamenty / Diamonds
8. Burdel I / Brothel I
9. Burdel II / Brothel II
10. Nowy Jork I / New York I
11. Balet na moście / Ballet on the Bridge
12. Nowy Jork II / New York II
13. Teatr Nowojorski / The New York Theatre
14. Prywatka / Party
15. Bar Wenecja / Venice Bar
16. Ciała kuliste / Globes
17. Klub nocny / Nightclub
18. Taniec / Dance
19. Finał / Finale

20. Nieostre portrety / Blurred Portraits
21. Balet na moście (wersja alternatywna) / Ballet on the Bridge (alternative version)
22. Taniec (wersja alternatywna) / Dance (alternative version)
23. Papieros (wersja alternatywna) / Cigarette (alternative version)
24. Muzyka baletowa (Burdel III) / Ballet Music (Brothel III)


Zespół pod dyr. Krzysztofa Komedy

GAD CD 060
OUT: 29.09.2017
FILE UNDER: Soundtrack / Jazz
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