Krzysztof Sadowski’s Organ Group was the full-time chameleon of the Polish jazz. It is the band that would perform with the same grace and finesse jazz standards and swing delightfully, but would also zero in on puzzling experiments, merging jazz with the avant-garde. In one of them, they tell a story about the outer space – without synthesisers!

In 1972 Krzysztof Sadowski took his listeners on a space journey and with the sounds of the Hammond organ created a compelling and awe-inspiring universe. In this electrifying journey he was accompanied by musicians artfully balancing between the world of rock (among these Tomasz Buttowt, Niemen’s ex-drummer and an esteemed bass player, Paweł Dąbrowski) and the world of jazz (Włodzimierz Nahorny on the saxophone and the Dutch trumpeter Eddie Engels). The whole – apart from the leader’s Hammond parts – was fused together with vocalises and flute parts by Liliana Urbańska. The effect was one of the most captivating records in the history of Polish jazz, praised to the highest heavens by connoisseurs around the globe.

After four decades, the album finally appears on a CD, remastered from original tapes and complemented with three unpublished recordings from the only radio session of the band. The booklet with extensive liner notes (with new comments by Krzysztof Sadowski) is illustrated with unique, archive photographs of the band.

1. Na kosmodromie
2. Alfa Centaura
3. Wam jest do śmiechu – mnie nie
4. Straight Life
5. Dalarna
6. Blues X

Bonus tracks:
7. Na kosmodromie
8. Ballada jazzowa
9. On n’enterre pas le dimanche

Krzysztof Sadowski – org (Hammond)
Liliana Urbańska – voc, fl
Eddie Engels – tp
Włodzimierz Nahorny – as, pno
Paweł Dąbrowski – bg
Józef Gawrych – cga
Tomasz Butowtt – dr

GAD CD 030
OUT: 11.09.2015