If the German krautrock had originated in Poland, Krzysztof Sadowski’s Organ Group could be its leading representative. Earlier they would skilfully swing and narrate stories about space, to eventually record one of the most delightful records combining music from the verge of jazz and rock.

In title suite from „Three Thousand Points”distorted bass guitar and predacious Hammond organ clash with Balkan improvisations on the saxophone and electronically modified flute. There was also a place for an adaptation of the jazz standard (“Sorcery” by Keith Jarrett) and new view of impressionism (frenetic version of „Syrinx” by Claude Debussy). The variety of offers, skilfully fused by displays of keyboard virtuosity by the leader still enchants forty years after its premiere.

The record appears for the first time on a CD, completed with three radio recordings from the same period – e.g. the original version of the title theme. The booklet contains a extensive liner notes (with new comments by Krzysztof Sadowski) and rare photographs.

1. Suita Trzy Tysiące
2. Sorcery
3. Ten nasz zwyczajny świat (cz. I i III)
4. Syrinx

Bonus tracks:
5. Trzy tysiące
6. Ten nasz zwyczajny świat (cz. III)
7. Oleo

Krzysztof Sadowski – org (Hammond), ep (Rhodes), ring modulator, perc
Liliana Urbańska – fl, voc, perc
Wojciech Bruślik – bg
Veselin Nikolov – ss (1)
Tomasz Szukalski – ss, ts (2-4)
Winicjusz Chróst – g, acg (2-4)
Zbigniew Kitliński – dr (1)
Wojciech Morawski – dr (2-4)
Andrzej Zieliński – cga (1)
Bożena Bruszewska – cga, perc (2-4)

GAD CD 031
OUT: 11.09.2015
FILE UNDER: Jazz, Rock