Music from one of the most specific science-fiction films in the history of Czechoslovak cinematography, and a unique chapter in the rich artistic output of Martin Kratochvíl. On the 35th anniversary of the recording of the material, „Temné slunce” has finally been released.

„Dark Sun” is an adaptation of „Krakatit”, a novel by Karel Čapek published in the interwar period. It tells a story of the inventor of an ultra-dangerous explosive that is trying as hard as possible to hide the formula from the great of this world, to prevent it from total destruction. The film adaptation of Otakar Vávra transposes the story to the Cold War reality, full electronics and secret agents. The film was received as a cheap propaganda trick, but also… as an unusually impressive action movie. The music was composed by Martin Kratochvíl, commonly known as a leader of the Jazz Q group, but „Temné slunce” is far different than his typical work. Industrial spaces in the film were illustrated by the sound of analogue synthesizers, sultry romanticism – by poignant passion of violins and guitar, and the bloodcurdling scenes of horror – by a unique marriage of funk, fusion and cold, sometimes atonal electronic sounds. All was topped up by two songs, including one surrounded by a specific hippie cult – „Válku valce”, sung by Luboš Pospíšil and C & K Vokal group.

Complete soundtrack from the movie „Dark Sun” has been released on CD for the first time, enriched with alternative versions of selected tracks. The material from original tapes has been digitally remastered in the presence of the composer, and a 28-page booklet contains extensive information on the development of the album (in Polish, English and Czech), unique photos and memorabilia.

1. Temné slunce (úvodní titulky)
2. Exploze alfa
3. Kolokvium
4. Přerušený sen
5. Obálka pro Tomeše
6. Anči
7. Týniště
8. Padající hvězda
9. První dotek
10. Krakatit
11. Atlantic Atom Co.
12. Návštěva v laboratoři
13. Exploze vášně
14. Kris
15. V hlavním stanu
16. Konflikt
17. Ničivý závan
18. Útěk
19. Hon
20. Únos ve vzduchu
21. Centrum velení
22. Atonální motiv
23. Šílený běh
24. Mrtvé město I
25. Mrtvé město II

Bonus tracks
26. Protest song (zpívá Petr Kalandra)
27. Válku válce (alternativní verze, zpívá Oskar Petr)
28. Temné slunce (alternativní verze)
29. Milý motiv
30. Únos ve vzduchu (alternativní verze)
31. Motiv doktora Prokopa
32. Válku válce (zpívá Luboš Pospíšil)

Martin Kratochvíl – keyb, synth
František Francl – g
Vladimír Padrůněk – bg
Libor Laun – dr, perc
Joan Duggan – hca
Oskar Petr – voc

Jan Hrubý – viol
Petr Kalandra – voc, hca
Luboš Pospíšil – voc
C&K Vokál
Filmový Symfonický Orchestr (FISYO)

GAD CD 018
OUT: 14.07.2014
FILE UNDER: Electronic, Rock, Soundtrack