In 1975 Czesław Niemen produced the album “Katharsis”. It was the first Polish album with electronic music, although not the first session with such creations – a year earlier Mateusz Święcicki was fascinated by the synthesizer’s possibilities.

The esteemed songwriter, arranger and musicologist began in the mid-70s (as one of the first in Poland) to experiment with compositions based on the sound of synthesizers. With the help of jazz drummer Ryszard Szumlicz, organist Ryszard Siwy and bassist Krzysztof Potocki, he produced a couple tracks commissioned by the producer of Polish cinema newsreels. It is strange and extraordinary music – on the one hand based on a lively (occasionally swinging!) rhythm section, with on the other hand a wide range of raw sounds of the still untamed Arp Odyssey synth. At times it resembles the work of John Baker of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and other big names of early, electronic experiments in European music.

The album includes the complete recording of the library music and two radio recordings of this group, made under the new name: Arp Life. The booklet contains a reprint of the Mateusz Święcicki’s essay from 1975 on the subject of his project and a contemporary liner notes on the recordings.

1. Halo Wenus I
2. Weseli Omsowie
3. Kosmiczny tłok
4. Stalownia Merkury
5. Rok 3000
6. Elektro-koty
7. Polowanie na kurdle
8. Knajpa na kraterze
9. Astro Zegar
10. Most galaktyczny
11. Walc słonecznych ptaków
12. Wojna gigantów
13. Halo Wenus II

Bonus tracks:
14. Orlando
15. Wariacje na temat Falconeriego

Mateusz Święcicki – synth
Ryszard Szumlicz – dr A
Ryszard Siwy – org
Krzysztof Potocki – bg

GAD CD 053
OUT: 27.01.2017
BARCODE: 59015491976XX