Before Mech released “Bluffmania” and “Tasmania”, before they sang “Czy to możliwe” and before they had their hair dyed green in concerts… They were one of the greatest hopes of the Polish progressive rock. The trace documentation of that period thus acquires its full dimension: please welcome United Nature Forces Mech from the times of Gulliver and Atlantis.

During the years 1979-81 Mech was one of the most interesting bands of the Music of the Young Generation movement. They would offer symphonic rock, in which one could hear the echoes of the greatest creators of the genre, yet skilfully transcribed into original concepts. They gave successful concerts all over Poland, playing sold out large concert halls. They were not so lucky, though, as recordings go and the only documentation for the years of that period was… the debut single. After years, we bring back United Nature Forces Mech their proper magnitude by presenting the complete set of their studio recordings from that period. It will be a captivating trip through space and time, full of delightful tunes, breathtaking instrumental passages and surprising twists.

The program of the album includes a complete set of recordings from the first (and only) radio session of the band (August 1980), tracks from the debut single “Ogród snów” and previously unreleased live version of the then most eminent composition of band, “Atlantis Suite”. Recordings were remastered in Robert Millord’s studio in Florida. The album is supplemented by a voluminous booklet, which offers, apart from an essay on the recordings (also in English) and unique photographs of band by Jacek Awakumowski and Mirosław R. Makowski.

1. Marsz
2. Atlantis Suite
3. Dialog z niższych sfer
4. Guliwer
5. Antidotum

Bonus tracks:
6. Ogród snów
7. Romantic Blues *
8. Atlantis Suite (live) **

* – taśma-matka utworu nie istnieje – kopia na podstawie płyty winylowej
** – taśma-matka słabszej jakości

Robert Milewski vel Millord – voc, keyb, vib
Maciej Januszko – voc, g, acg
Janusz Łakomiec – g, acg
Andrzej Nowicki – bg
Janusz Domański – dr, perc
Krzysztof Fijałkowski – bg (8)

GAD CD 040
OUT: 26.02.2016