In the 1960s and 70s, every significant radio station in Poland had its own studio ensembles. In Katowice from 1965 there was Metrum – a group led by Zbigniew Kalemba, offering swinging, light dance music. Later its place was taken up by the orchestra conducted by Jerzy Milian. Metrum lasted a few more years, however, ending its activity in 1977 – with superb recordings, which years later are appearing on CD. Time for disco!

Zbigniew Kalemba – pianist, composer, and above all tireless pioneer in introducing jazz and popular music to high schools in Poland. In the middle of the 1970s, he began leading the big-band of PWSM in Katowice and – based on musicians connected with that school band – reactivated Metrum in 1977, with a new line-up (including Wojciech Gogolewski, Jan Cichy and Jarosław Śmietana), a new sound and the assumption that popular, easy listening music doesn’t have to be primitive. “Zielony dach” is a document of this last chord of Metrum: fourteen danceable tracks with an excellent grooves, interesting solos and ubiquitous string section. A discothèque feast of the highest calibre.

The previously unpublished recordings have been remastered from the original radio tapes. The booklet contains liner notes and photos.

1. Mówię do ciebie
2. Zimowy spacer Boba
3. Droga do domu
4. Księżycowy sen
5. Pszczółka
6. Anakonda
7. Della Street
8. Tse Tse
9. Jeszcze jesteś snem
10. Wesoły mrówkojad
11. Zielony dach
12. Po deszczu
13. Prugarium Mystic Music
14. Gwiazda Syriusa

dyr. Zbigniewa Kalemba

GAD CD 070
OUT: 26.01.2018
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