An engaging set of library music tunes by Mladen Franko, being at the same time a nostalgic journey back into the Polish television of the 80s. Funk rhythms, jazzing harmonies and lyrical themes intertwined into one, diversified whole.

Produced in 1980, „Amazing Space” project consists of two LPs filled compositions written as library music, to illustrate feature films and TV programmes. Munich-based Croat Mladen Franko merged here into one, coherent whole the fascinations of that time with the pop music with funk rhythms and jazz harmonies. On top of that, he himself played all instruments, recording everything in the privacy of his home studio. Both records released under the title „Amazing Space” by the German Sonoton music library immediately became the favourite of the employees of the Polish Television, who would illustrate innumerable programmes and interludes with funk pulsations by Franko. We bring back to life those themes persistently present in the viewers’ subconscious.

„Amazing Space” appears for the first time on a CD. The whole was remastered from the original tapes from Sonoton archives with the intention to get as much as possible from a recording made in semi-professional conditions. The booklet contains unique photographs and liner notes based on fresh interview with Mladen Franko.

1. Sound Safari
2. Wind In Your Hair
3. Jumpin’ Colours
4. Freedom On Earth
5. Alexandra
6. I Remember Ikarus
7. Attention, Please
8. Back From Wonderland
9. Long, Long Straight On
10. Kolibry
11. Midnight Party
12. Yellow Balloon
13. Blue Holiday
14. Samba International
15. I’m Goin’ Home
16. Merry Chariot
17. Spirit Of Sports
18. Venus And Aquarius
19. Domino
20. Clown Town
21. Cometino
22. Leading Star
23. Lazy Daisy
24. Melancholy Girl
25. Documentary Theme

Mladen Franko – keyb, synth, perc, dr, vib

GAD CD 027
OUT: 27.04.2015
FILE UNDER: Easy Listening, Funk / Soul, Grooves, Library