One of the first American groups to discover that synthesizers and pop are made for each other. The complete studio recordings of a legendary project from the West Coast – for the first time on CD.

Moebius (not to be confused with Dieter Moebius!) was a Californian project led by Bryce Robbley and Doug Lynner (for some time the line-up including Steve Roach), whose fascination with synthesizers was combined with catchy, trance-like tunes which were able to take over the disco dance floors. Disco, synth-pop and pulsating sequencers! The group’s début album from 1979 is recognised today as a cult recording – partly because of the wild, punk-electronic version of The Doors’ “Light My Fire”, but above all thanks to the frontmen’s original compositions.

“Welcome to the World” brings together all of the band’s studio recordings: material from both released albums as well as the single “Born on a Saturday Night”. The whole has been remastered from the original tapes from the archive of Moonwind Records and enriched with an extensive booklet with unpublished photos and the group’s history, based on a recent interview with Doug Lynner.

1. Light My Fire
2. Money
3. Clone Zone
4. Prophecy
5. Urth
6. Moebius
7. Mirror of Infinity
8. Song for Lya
9. Born on a Saturday Night
10. Main Contender
11. Video Soldier
12. Fallin in Love
13. Pushin Too Hard
14. Living in Lost Angeles
15. Hot Nite
16. I Need a Job

1-8: nagrania z albumu „Moebius” (1979)
9: nagranie z singla “Born on a Saturday Night” (1981)
10-16: nagrania z albumu “Video Soldier in a Radio War” (1982)

Bryce Robbley – voc, synth
Doug Lynner – voc, synth, g
Steve Roach – synth
Bill Boydstun – voc, synth

Evan Caplan – dr
Mark Price – dr, perc
Andy Robinson – dr, perc
Bruce Cortois – synth
Kai Krause – vocoder
Terry Young – bvoc
Mona Lisa Young – bvoc
John Stubbs – viol

CHI CD 004
OUT: 13.10.2017
FILE UNDER: Rock / Synthpop
BARCODE: 5901549197853