Towards the end of the 1970s, every country wanted to have its own Giorgio Moroder. In Czechoslovakia, that position was filled by a duet called ORM, which was as important over there as Arp Life was in Poland just a little while earlier. The debut album of the local disco magicians, full of funky bass, dreamy songs and space travels with analogue synthesizers playing the main part, is about to be released on CD for the first time.

In the 1980s, ORM gained great popularity due to their collaboration with a pop vocal duo
Kamelie (also known as Hana a Dana). A little earlier, between 1978-79, they recorded their debut material, creating one of the most interesting disco albums ever recorded in Czechoslovakia. “Discofil” mainly features diverse, instrumental tunes, showcasing a wide range of classic sounds produced by synthesizers, electric piano and clavinet (like the phenomenal, astral “Bumerang” or the laidback “Riviera” resembling Mladen Franko’s style). It also offers several good songs – ideal for the dance floor (“Jen dál a víc a líp”, “Jen měsíc ví”) and for some chillout time (“Zvonková dráha”). All perfectly arranged and played with a brilliant feeling.

First time on CD. All tracks remastered from original tapes. Four bonus tracks – two first singles of ORM. The booklet contains unique photos and a fresh liner notes.

1. Jen dál a víc a líp
2. Pásky z cívek odvíjím
3. Víkend
4. Šachový král
5. Kouzelný let
6. Peklo
7. Preludium Cmi
8. Zvonková dráha
9. Bumerang
10. Riviera
11. Jen měsíc ví
12. Karusel

13. Kouzelný Let (single version)
14. Karusel (single version)
15. Bumerang (single version)
16. Fany a Any (b-side)

Pavel Růžička – g, acg, bg, perc, drum machine
Petr Dvořák – p, ep, clav, org, synth, dr, voc
Michal “Miki” Bláha – bg (1-4, 8, 10, 12)
Vladimír Grunt – dr (1-4, 10-12)

GAD CD 069
OUT: 26.01.2018
FILE UNDER: Disco / Grooves
BARCODE: 5901549197945