A gem of the German fusion scene, ideally hovering halfway between jazz freedom and rock precision – for the first time on CD.

PSI was a quintet from Wiesbaden which, in the second half of the 70s, flashed through the German jazz-rock scene like a meteor. The young musicians – besides regular concerts at festivals and in clubs – managed to record one album, “Horizonte.” It was filled with a fascinating mix of jazz freedom and rock invention contained in seven varied pieces. The interesting parts of Matthias Frey’s keyboards and saxophone phrases by Wilfried Kunkler clash with the sterile, restrained guitar sound by Volkmar Zimmermann. Structure of particular pieces occasionally goes off in the direction of the progressive fascinations of the group’s keyboard player. PSI disbanded soon after releasing the record, and over time “Horizonte” took on the status of one of the cult albums of the „second golden era” of German fusion.

The material has been re-mastered from the original master tape from the archives of Bellaphon, and released for the first time on CD. The booklet includes a full history of the group, based on new interviews with Volkmar Zimmermann and Matthias Frey, along with unique photos from the group’s archives.

1. Unter Der Schürze Liegt Die Würze
2. Bettgeräusche
3. Horizonte
4. Elektrisch Kall-Heinzje
5. Urschrei
6. Breikopf
7. Drall / Arkadash

Bodo Feldmann – bg
Matthias Frey – keyb
Robert Jahn – dr, perc
Wilfried Kunkler – ts, cga, perc
Volkmar Zimmermann – g

CHI CD 002
OUT: 17.03.2017
BARCODE: 5901549197716