The music by Savana includes beautiful melodies and unusually elaborate, sophisticated, perfected arrangements based mainly on countless guitar parts by Krzysztof Jarkowski. It is a hit-quality potential worthy of the Dire Straits and progressive, tuneful inclinations from the best Camel records. It is one of the unknown jewels of the Polish rock of the ’80s, which was lost, because the performers… would sing in English.

Savana is the result of a meeting between the versatile guitarist Krzysztof Jarkowski and vocalist Marek Tomaszewski, who – having been brought up abroad – acquired a true American accent. In 1984 the band on order by record label Arston made their debut, and (as it turned out later on) their only album. In 1985 the musicians had another try, this time singing in Polish. What stood in their way was… the change of the leader of the Communist Party of The Soviet Union!

The album “Savana” appears for the first time on a CD, with two bonus tracks and extensive booklet documenting the complex history of the band.

1. Foolish Dancer
2. Fading Memories
3. I Ran Out of Love
4. Silence Can Tell
5. The Challenger
6. Drifting Away
7. I Feel Down
8. The Game

Bonus tracks:
9. Przyszedł zły
10. Nie pozwalam

Marek Tomaszewski – voc, g
Krzysztof Jarkowski – g, keyb
Wiesław Cybulski – bg, p
Andrzej Kalski – dr

GAD CD 033
OUT: 23.10.2015