In May 1975 SBB went to Sweden. Legendary tour ended up in offering the world the famous for years to come, breath-taking concert in Karlstad – over forty minutes of improvised progressive rock of the world standard. Now, after years, it turns out that Karlstad was not the only eye-opener of the tour…

The most significant Polish rock band of 70s, during the Swedish tour in 1975, was in their top form. They could play literally anything and… they did. The tape, just discovered, with the recording of the performance in a small, industrial town of Hofors, is a confirmation that SBB could easily create a forty-minute rock suite full of mood changes and sensational solo parts of the Hammond organ of Józef Skrzek and the guitar of Apostolis Anthimos. The idea of the early aggressive-progressive SBB is here mastered to perfection: the band sounds like one, coherent organism driven by the nervous rhythms of Jerzy Piotrowski, whose perfection of play might bewilder more than one metronome.

A complete recording of the concert in Hofors was found after years in Sweden and remastered from the original tape by original FOH engineer from this tour, Anders Oredson. On the cover, this time, a great photo portrait of whole band taken by Tomasz Sikora. And in booklet – reminiscences from the Swedish tour and previously unknown photographs of SBB by Zygmunt Drużbicki.

1. Works in Iron I
2. Works in Iron II

Józef Skrzek – voc, org, p, synth
Apostolis Anthimos – g
Jerzy Piotrowski – dr

GAD CD 042
OUT: 20.05.2016