In Poland. Germany and the Czech Republic they recorded several dozen hours of splendid studio material of which only a tiny part appeared on records in the ’70s. But it was the stage where they felt at home. They felt perfectly comfortable in great Roskilde-type festivals, in small clubs in Germany as well as in the prestigious Congress Hall in Warsaw – and you can make your own judgement on that now.

After the well-received by the fans and journalists CD “Jazz nad Odrą 1975”, the time has come to document the final months of the activities of the original incarnation of SBB. In April 1980 the musicians played a number of concerts in Poland where fresh, improvised forms predominated, powered by brilliant dialogues and guitar duels between Apostolis Antymos and Sławomir Piwowar. On the one hand, the SBB still nurtured their progressive fascinations present in the suite “Going Away” or the premiere track “Moja ziemio wyśniona”, yet, on the other hand, they sounded like a true jam band, capable of toying with their own music in a creative, surprising and fatigue-free manner for… as long as two and a half hours!

The material has been remastered from the original tapes from Józef Skrzek’s archive and supplemented by a booklet containing, among others, unknown photographs of Tomasz Sikora and Zygmunt Drużbicki.

CD 1:
1. Moja ziemio wyśniona
2. Hung-Under
3. Movements I: Gait
4. Movements II: Crossing
5. Movements III: Getaway
6. Movements IV: Rocking
7. Spectrum

CD 2:
1. Freedom With Us
2. 3rd Reanimation
3. Going Away
4. (Żywiec) Mountain Melody
5. Loneliness (theme)
6. Away, Away
7. Heavy Equipment
8. Wizje (finał)
9. First Green Leaves

Józef Skrzek – keyb, synth, bg, voc
Apostolis Antymos – g
Sławomir Piwowar – g
Jerzy Piotrowski – dr

GAD CD 022
OUT: 15.12.2014