Continuation of the well-received compilation “Sonda. Muzyka z programu telewizyjnego” containing recordings used as illustrations of the most important popular-science programme in the history of the Polish TV. While Andrzej Kurek and Zdzisław Kamiński were introducing the Polish viewer to the world in all its imaginable aspects, their film essays were illustrated by carefully selected, fascinating tracks.

This time, among the compositions recorded over the period of ten years (1976-1986), there are both the gems from the German Sonoton music library and unique compositions by Polish artists, never before published on LP or CD. Fans of electronic music will be delighted by the unusually charming compositions by Mikołaj Hertel, Władysław Komendarek, Krzysztof Duda and the Omni duo. Fans of more groovy side of things will be surprised by the drowsy mood of the Arp Life and psychodelic-funk frenzy of the SBB. Once again, we take you on a fascinating journey into the world of science and groove.

The material has been remastered from the original master tapes.

The album is energetically supported by Energo-Kontrol.

1. John Fiddy & Sammy Burdson – Robotory 1 Sonoton SON 184: Slow. Motion and Movement
2. Mikołaj Hertel – Światło w środku nocy nagranie niepublikowane
3. Andrzej Korzyński – Struny nagranie niepublikowane
4. Mladen Franko – Long, Long, Straight On Sonoton SON 101: Amazing Space vol. 1
5. Omni – Drzewo z Toledo nagranie niepublikowane
6. Jim Harbourg – Blue Water 1 Sonoton SON 154: Soft Moods. Contemporary Sounds and Underscores
7. Krzysztof Duda – Out to Out nagranie niepublikowane

8. Klaus Weiss – Surfing Romance Sonoton SON 178: Sport Sequences, vol. 2
9. Władysław Komendarek – Trzeci test nagranie niepublikowane
10. Ted Atking & Alain Feanch – Mysterious Forest Sonoton SON 153: Scoop. Contemporary Documentary Themes, Mood and Underscores
11. Arp Life – Szczęśliwy październik nagranie niepublikowane
12. Mladen Franko – Breezy Shore Sonoton SON 105: Contemporary Sounds and Movements vol. 2
13. SBB – Na czarno nagranie niepublikowane

GAD LP 005
OUT: 15.12.2014
FILE UNDER: Electronic, Grooves, Library