A remastered edition of the thought-provoking international project from the mid 1970s. A combination of jazz and rock that goes far beyond what is usually thought of as fusion.

The originally issued in 1976 “Electric Circus” album was the second solo project of the German guitarist Toto Blanke, but it was also the beginning of an unusual trio, which besides him formed the Dutch pianist Jasper van’t Hof and the Finnish drummer Edward Vesala. The three extremely strong personalities offered a very distinctive, original perspective on jazz-rock, full of astonishing experiments with synthesizers, references to krautrock and the avant, but also soothing, ethereal themes.

A new edition, remastered from the original Bellaphon tapes. A booklet including Barnaba Siegel’s liner notes based on a fresh interview with Jasper van’t Hof. The first issue of a new Chickadisk label that deals with the European (and not solely European) pearls of jazz and rock from the past.

1. PPG
2. Flowers All Over
3. Arabab
4. Minister ED
5. Song for Zeenat
6. Spiesser Krollak
7. Spinner

Toto Blanke – g, banjo, keyb
Jasper van’t Hof – p, ep, org
Edward Vesala – dr, perc

Dave King – bg
Ulli A. Reutzel – p

CHI CD 001
OUT: 28.10.2016
FILE UNDER: Jazz, Rock