The ultimate outer-space alien of the Republic of Poland with an expression mode of the Muppet Show’s Animal is beyond doubt the greatest magician of synthesisers in Europe. For the purpose of making the order and documenting his initial achievements upon reissue of the debut cassette, the time has come for the reissue of the “Dotyk chmur” (“Touch of Clouds”), featuring pulsating rhythms and beautiful melodies.

Since 1984 Władysław Komendarek has been marching along his own path, offering his concept of electronic music – both uncompromising and unique in the global scale. He reaches with it both synthesiser and rock fans. “Dotyk chmur”, the artist’s first solo album issued on the vinyl record, is one of the subsequent stops in his unceasing search. Eight compositions based on strong rhythm base and captivating melodies appeared on the LP issued by Pronit in late 80s. Now they return in their remastered form, enriched by two tracks from single “Sen Szoguna” and three compositions from the artist’s archive – including a new, synth-based version of the theme “Dotyk szczęścia”, originally performed by the Exodus.

The material has been remastered from the original tapes. Booklet contains essay on recordings, several unique photographs and a reproduction of the cover of the original vinyl edition.

1. Sen Shoguna
2. Dotyk chmur
3. Taniec szerszeni
4. Cyklamenowe wyspy
5. Wiosenny śnieg
6. Wędrówka po dżungli
7. Halo komputer
8. Ciche kroki

Bonus tracks:
9. Sen Shoguna (wersja singlowa)
10. Opętanie (wersja singlowa)
11. Bitwa robotów
12. Modlitwa Inków
13. Dotyk szczęścia

Władysław Komendarek – synth
Ewa Dembińska – voc

GAD CD 041
OUT: 20.05.2016
FILE UNDER: Electronic