The nostalgic journey back to the times of shopping in Pewex stores (outward manifestation of the “internal export” phenomenon of the era), workers’ holidays and the ferocious rivalry between Commodore and Atari. It is a recollection of captivating TV programmes the shreds of which still remain in the memories of many thirty-, forty-year-olds-together with the pulsing music with the early drum machines – music with engaging tunes and intriguing arrangements.

Władysław Komendarek at the turn of ’70s and ’80s was one of the main forces behind progressive band Exodus. Together with them he would sell Gold LPs and tour the largest concert halls in Poland. In 1984 he broke with the rock’n’roll life style and, with bunch of synths around him, he left for Biała Forest, where he composed a few dozen compositions. Although electronic music has always been associated with outer space and alien, undiscovered worlds, Komendarek would go against the wind. As would befit the first Polish outer-space alien – he delighted in the earthly things and put his observations into a dozen or so compositions recorded between 1984-85. It is a music of unusual charm, surprising the listener with original arrangement solutions and enchanting with tunefulness.

CD contains complete material from the cassette “Władysław Komendarek” released in 1985 (with full, unabridged versions) plus four recordings from the same sessions. The booklet offers unique, the only preserved photographs from the cover photo session for the cassette and a text by Maciej Michta (from „Lizard” magazine).

1. Polowanie w Puszczy Białej
2. Tęsknota żeglarza
3. Ranek nad Wisłą
4. Kiszłak
5. Leśna przechadzka
6. Super Express
7. Podwodny spacer
8. Krople rosy

Bonus tracks:
09. Samotna pacynka
10. Lusesita (to znaczy promyk)
11. Morskie figle
12. Droga do Sahary

Władysław Komendarek – synth

GAD CD 021
OUT: 17.11.2014
FILE UNDER: Electronic, Library