“07 zgłoś się” has been a both loved and hated TV series. Praised and subjected to criticism. Despite the nearly forty years since its premiere it still arouses emotions and finds its fans among the new generations. All thanks to the intriguing crime puzzles, fast communist-era cars, beautiful women and – naturally – thanks to lieutenant Borewicz. And thanks to the music!

Although the title ballad of the series, and sometimes also the music from the opening credits can be found in various compilation albums, never before other compositions by Włodzimierz Korcz written to the series of Krzysztof Szmagier appeared on a record. And it is a real wealth of sophisticated, surprising themes illustrating car chases, murder scenes and evening meals in the Victoria Hotel. Włodzimierz Korcz with the help of the leading Warsaw session musicians combines the ease of writing beautiful tunes with the perfect build-up of tension and a fair amount of grooves. The resulting effect is one of the best crime story soundtracks ever created in Poland.

All compositions have been transfered from the original tapes and painstakingly remastered.

The album has been energetically supported by Energo-Kontrol company.

1. Czołówka
2. Granica
3. Miłemu sąsiadowi
4. Striptease
5. Makówiec
6. 24 godziny śledztwa
7. Sopot
8. Hotel
9. Trzeba czasu
10. Restauracja / Stacja benzynowa
11. Ucieczka samochodem
12. Miedzianowski ucieka
13. Atak
14. Wyprowadzenie Miedzianowskiego
15. Ballada 07 (wokaliza)
16. Novotel
17. Złoto
18. Manhattan
19. Przed nocą i mgłą
20. Ulica / Okno
21. Victoria
22. Łazienka
23. Rozczarowanie / Motyw główkowania
24. Oprawka
25. Lotnisko
26. Pościg
27. Żaglówka / Rozczarowanie
28. Ballada 07 (saksofon)

Zespół instrumentalny
Dyr. Włodzimierz Korcz

Alicja Majewska – śpiew (5, 25)
Grzegorz Markowski – śpiew (18)
Monika Marciniak – śpiew (11)

Henryk Miśkiewicz – saksofon (35)
Zbigniew Jaremko – saksofon (25)
Włodzimierz Korcz – fortepian (3)

GAD LP 007
OUT: 20.03.2015
FILE UNDER: Disco, Easy Listening, Funk / Soul, Grooves, Soundtrack