A beautiful girl, handsome sculptor, dog and drug smugglers – all in the colourful scenery of the Black Sea. Włodzimierz Nahorny’s music for the movie „Zapach psiej sierści” (1981) is a full of contradictions and ecstasy orchestral journey to the Bulgarian town of Sozopol.

The last film of Jan Batory is a picture combining drama and crime. Polish sculptor, spending his holidays in Bulgaria (played by Roman Wilhelmi), picks up a German student Heidi (Izabela Dziarska), accidentally gets involved in drug smuggling and tries to take out of this situation as much as possible for himself. Moral dilemmas of the main character (or rather lack of them) is accompanied by unique music of Włodzimierz Nahorny, who combined his lightness in writing poignant, lyrical themes (can you recall „Jej portret”?) with electric guitars, Fender piano and a suspense worthy of Andrzej Korzyński scores. The outcome is a colorful, captivating wholeness, creatively processing memorable themes of Nahorny. The compositions are performed by the Polish Radio Orchestra, conducted by composer.

„Zapach psiej sierści” contains complete soundtrack remastered from the original tapes and seven additional tracks, among which are ones rejected by the director during the movie editing stage and alternate versions of selected themes. The release is complemented with a booklet with a essay about music and original shots from the film.

1. Czołówka / Paweł poznaje Heidi
2. Błękitne morze
3. Dziwne znalezisko
4. Biały proszek
5. Pocałunek 1
6. Kotwica / Obserwatorzy
7. Rzeźba
8. Złość
9. Koti / Tęsknota
10. Pocałunek 2
11. Wyprawa do winnicy / Porwanie Pawła
12. W złych rękach
13. Samotność

14. Muzyka bułgarska (radio)
15. Dyskoteka

16. Czołówka (alternative version)
17. Dziwne znalezisko (alternative version 1)
18. Dominanta
19. Swing
20. Orient
21. Smyczki
22. Dziwne znalezisko (alternative version 2)

Orkiestra Polskiego Radia
dyr. Włodzimierz Nahorny

GAD CD 019
OUT: 20.10.2014
FILE UNDER: Jazz, Soundtrack